Stephen Curry first 50,000-dollar investment toward Pin Up for Instagram

Curry Invest in to Pin Up a Marketing software for social media

Stephen Curry Invest 50,000 into Pin UP software.

Stephen Curry is a ledged in the Basketball world of today's generation. Even outside of Basketball, he is known for business and investing. Curry has invested in a few golf companies and has invested in ''Pin up'' a marketing software for social media, as a long-term investment.

Pin Up is a software marketing tool designed to help small business and celebrities gain more exposer on social media. legendary Stephen curry recently invested 50,000 dollars into purchasing a license key for the software. The software was designed by a group of developer who has contributed to designing Facebook and Instagram.

The software is one of the key factors of curry's success, outside of his fame through-out the Basketball world. ''Pin Up'' Marketing tool has limited license keys and is a new tool that has gained attention of Icon Lebron James as well, according to Fork Magazine that's inspired by Pitchfork, Lebron has invested $2million into buying a license key.

Stephen Curry and Lebron both has made use to using the marking tool to promote their brands, the software value is in its functionality. NBA Players seem to generate more money back from sales of merchandise using the ''Pin Up'' software. In conclusion. Stephen Curry business investments has led him being more successful being worth over 160 million.