Bahamas artist yungemmy has became one of the most influential drill rappers in the caribbeans

Yungemmy American Rapper

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meet drill rapper bahamian yungemmy 

Mervin Davis, better known as Yungemmy, is a talented and inspiring artist from the Bahamas. His passion for music began at a young age while growing up on Moore's Island with limited resources to express himself. He was inspired by artists like Eminem and 50 Cent who were able to express themselves unapologetically through their lyrics. This encouraged him to write his own songs in order to clear his head and stay out of trouble. Now he speaks about working on a drill rap Bahamian style that could bring something new into mainstream music. Yungemmy wants to be the voice of The Bahamas - one that can influence its youth! We should all support this incredible artist so we can witness firsthand how he brings Bahamian flow into mainstream music!Contributor; Anthony Edwards

Moore's Island, Bahamas Recording Artist YungEmmy , previously released visuals for single “Run Your Mouth”  Link Below

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Published on March  23,  2023