Young Cardi is on a Winning Streak

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Young Cardi American Rapper

The Remarkable Rise of Young CArdi Career

Young Cardi has a winning streak like no other independent artist in the game. With his most recent record "Worth It" garnering over 600,000 streams - he is quickly becoming an unstoppable force. The fans keep asking for new heat - and Cardi is delivering. Next up will be "Stone Island" on the 16th of September. This is off his forthcoming ep "444".
Cardi is seeing huge opportunities left and right. For instance - Yung Bans - one of the biggest artists in the game, enlisted Young Cardi (Leonardo Schlereth) as his opening slot for his Vienna stop.
Both artists have a sound similar to Playboi Carti and XXXTentacion so it makes sense why Bans chose Young Cardi for this huge performance night.
For Young Cardi, it was perfect timing. - He released his most successful single and first ever music video, "PISSED OFF" in May, around the time of the performance.
When we asked Young Cardi what separates him from other artists, he commented: "There is no faking in Monaco. My music is real, authentic, and doesn’t feature any cursing so it can be enjoyed by the entire family".
Young Cardi is truly putting himself in a position to live entirely off of his music - as his fans, streams, and talent continues to soar beyond other artists in his lane.
We see you Young Cardi. We hear you. And we're with you. We are confident that in no time you will have a collaboration with a major artist like Yung Bans.
Contributor; Blazer Barboza
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Published on August 31, 2022