Who and what inspired recording artist Lib Skinny to create music

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Lib skinny motivation to record

Lib Skinny heating up !

Philadelphia recording artist Lib Skinny is 25 years of age and has took the music scene by storm over the internet in the pass several months. Blogs Such as Certified Slaps Daily, Daily Rap Streams, and Daily Rap Channel all over there artist with over 100,000 followers on Instagram. Skinny is picking up momentum within the city, not to mention he hasn't even drop 3 studio albums and already getting coverage and by the city popular hiphop news reporters. In a recent statement Lib Skinny expressed what grow his interest in making music in the very beginning. Skinny says " He always wanted to get behind a mic and tell his tragic story from growing up in the inner city of Philadelphia. From being a child looking up to superstar artist like Meek Mill battling Reed Dollaz everyday outside of corner stores etc it helped build his confidence and told himself he will one day take it serious when he was ready. Skinny is more then ready now and got the internet buzzing with his first single Bussdown. While working a single throughout the city skinny says he has a EP in the works that is projected to drop next month or at the end of October titled as Emotional Scorpio. Lib Skinny next concert is on October 8th, he will be opening up for Trippie Redd, some believe he may perform a record of his new upcoming EP Emotional Scorpio. Contributor; Ashley Jordan

Philadelphia Recording Artist Lib Skinny, previously released visuals for single “BussDown Link Below

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Published on October 1, 2022