Daily Mumble Magazine is a unique platform that seeks to promote the most distinctive new artists and original sounds from all around the globe. We provide our readers with an aesthetically pleasing and minimalistic media platform, allowing these exceptional talents to present their music without any background noise or distractions. This enables us to give our audience an in-depth insight into each artist’s work, which helps them connect more deeply with their favorite musicians on a personal level.

Complex Networks is the parent organization of Daily Mumble Magazine, ensuring we have access to resources that help us create high-quality content for our readership base. Our team consists of passionate individuals who are dedicated towards pushing boundaries within this ever-evolving digital landscape while also striving for cultural impact through powerful stories about some of today’s biggest names in music and popular culture alike.

At Daily Mumble Magazine we are committed towards providing clarity amidst fragmentation within today's saturated scene by carefully curating interviews with truly exceptional talent from across the world so they can share their artistry without any distractions - giving fans everywhere a chance at experiencing something truly special every single day!


Daily Mumble was established in 2020 by Tonian Lerell Brown, the founder and CEO of 2026 Music Group record label. Daily Mumble is a print magazine aimed at providing hip hop culture with news, music, shows and noted rappers without regard to race. The name Daily Mumble came about to promote Pop Cultureand cover the top news around world Musical artist, Sports Fashion that supports noted rapper accomplishments combined with hip hop news and sports.

The mission of Daily Mumble is to provide readers an opportunity for open dialogue on current events as well as entertainment topics within the Hip Hop community. It also serves as a platform for artists who may not have access to traditional media outlets or press coverage due their lack of financial resources or connections in high places; allowing them equal exposure alongside more successful acts within their genre by showcasing talent from all backgrounds regardless of status quo’s imposed upon them such as gender discrimination or racial prejudice .

By creating this magazine it gives people an outlet where they can express themselves creatively while still staying true to their roots through rap battles , interviews , reviews & features on up-coming acts which will help keep our youth informed & entertained while giving those outside looking in insight into what life inside our Hip Hop Community looks like . With its focus being heavily placed on bringing awareness towards social issues affecting us today , this publication strives daily towards making sure everyone has access too quality content that educates justly informs but most importantly entertains!


Online Media

Company size

11-50 employees


Atlanta, GA


Privately Held

FounderTonian Lerell Brown




Publishing, Advertising, Media, and Digital Content

Parent Organization

Complex Networks

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Annual Noted Rappers List

As one of the leading publications in hip-hop culture, Daily Mumble has long been known for its annual “Noted Rappers” list. The 2020 edition is sure to be no exception, as it features eighteen artists-to-watch on the cover and promises to create significant marketing buzz among listeners and artists alike.

This year's list showcases highly prolific rappers/versatile rappers who have made a name for themselves within the industry — as well as emerging talent that is considered to be on the rise. It offers fans an opportunity to discover new music from some of today's most promising up-and-coming acts while also paying homage to established veterans in rap music. For many of these featured artists, this will likely provide their first taste of industry fame – something that can open countless doors down career paths they may not have otherwise explored without such recognition from a major publication like Daily Mumble.

The “Noted Rappers” list continues Daily Mumble's commitment towards highlighting top talent within hip hop culture each year — making it essential reading material for anyone interested in staying up with current trends or discovering what might become tomorrow’s biggest hits before anyone else does! With so much potential contained within this issue alone, readers are sure not want miss out on what could very well turn out be another groundbreaking release by one of today's most influential magazines!