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It is wonderful news that Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin's breathing tube has been removed and he continues to progress remarkably in his recovery. This follows the tragic incident on Monday night when Hamlin suffered cardiac arrest and collapsed on the field during a game against the Cincinnati Bengals. The NFL responded quickly by postponing Monday’s game, which will not be resumed, but instead replaced with league-wide honors planned to recognize Hamlin’s bravery.

The entire Buffalo Bills organization is relieved at this positive update regarding their teammate as they look ahead towards Sunday’s final week of regular season play against the Patriots. While we hope for continued successful progress for Damar in his recovery journey, we are also reminded of how fragile life can be and how important it is to stay safe while playing any sport or engaging in physical activities - especially those involving contact sports such as football where injuries can occur rapidly without warning signs beforehand.

We send our best wishes out to Damar during this difficult time and hope that he makes full recovery soon so he can return back onto the field with all his teammates once again! We thank him for being an inspiration both on-and off-the-field; showing us what true courage looks like even when faced with adversity such as these unfortunate circumstances surrounding his health scare earlier this week.

NFL Conclusion | Bills And Bengals Game

The NFL owners have made a bold move in approving an unprecedented postseason plan following the cancellation of Monday night's Buffalo Bills-Cincinnati Bengals game. This is a highly unusual situation that required creative solutions, and the league was able to come up with two plans to ensure fairness for all teams involved.

The first solution was to host the AFC Championship Game at a neutral site if both teams had played an unequal number of games and could potentially be top seeds. This would guarantee that neither team has any kind of advantage due to playing fewer regular season games than their opponent. The second solution involves using a coin flip system in order for one Wild Card round game between Cincinnati and Baltimore Ravens, should it become necessary, which will determine which team plays on its home field despite having different numbers of regular season games under their belts.

These decisions were approved by 24 out 32 NFL owners or designees during Friday’s virtual meeting - showing just how seriously this issue is being taken by league officials who want all playoff participants competing on level ground regardless of what happened earlier in the year when unexpected circumstances forced them into making difficult choices like these ones today. Contributor; Todd Richardson

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Published on January 6, 2023