Quavo pays respect to takeoff in first song since his death

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Quavo American Rapper

Quavo pays tribute to Takeoff in 1st song since Migos rapper's death

The tribute song is a heartfelt and emotional one that speaks to the deep loss Quavo has felt since his nephew's death. The lyrics express the pain of losing someone close, but also hope that Takeoff will always be remembered.
The accompanying music video features images of Takeoff throughout his life, from childhood photos to clips from performances with Migos. It serves as a reminder of all the joy he brought into people’s lives and how much he will be missed by those who knew him best.
Quavo's "Without You" is an excellent tribute to Takeoff, showing just how much love and respect he had for him even after his passing. It provides comfort in knowing that despite tragedy we can still remember our loved ones fondly through music or any other creative outlet we choose."Contributor; Todd Richardson

Athens, Georgia Recording Artist Quavo , previously released Audio for single “Without You” Link Below

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Published on January 6, 2023