BackendChild Mar|New Video "GetCha Gone" building steam

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BackendChild Mar American Rapper

BackendChild Mar drops visuals for “GetCha Gone”

Connecting With Backendchild Mar

When asking the OceanFive Recording artist BackendChild Mar about what drives her style of music she says “I make music off the pain felt from past relationships.” From the west side to uptown accounts of life can be grim. Backendchild Mar accomplished thousands of streams through rapping about navigating the codes of the streets and trying to make a way through music. However, the 16-year-old is challenging herself and her sound. Songs like the “Bad Habits,” “Posted,” and “Realist” have been close to viral songs while demonstrating depth and range that transcends rap music. Those three tracks—each are reaching thousands of streams or better. She shares as she continues to amplify and expand a self-made career under OceanFive Records with a series of dynamic singles in the upcoming months.Contributor; Brittany Anderson
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Published on September 5, 2022